Able Seaman Just Nuisance

When in Simonstown this past week, I took my family to visit the statue of Able Seaman Just Nuisance. We were quite happy to find that it was his birthday. This statue is very close to my heart. It is on the route of the Argus Cycletour, about 40 km into the race. On a good day you reach this part of the route quite easily. But, if the Southeastern wind is blowing, then you are in a world of pain to get here. It was about my second Argus in 1996 that I barely reached this point, and seriously contemplated abandoning the race. But there was a Powerade stand, and I drank about a litre of sports drink. I also ate two Bar Ones, and sat next to Just Nuisance, telling him about my sorrows and pain… He just listened patiently- he said no word of approval of my plans to quit. So, not getting his permission to get on the train back to the Cape Town Central station, I decided to go on for just a little while longer. In about 10 km, the day turned for the better, But that 10 km! The trees are growing at a 45 degree angle, in the Millers Point region… But as you are climbing in Smitswinkelbaai, the Southeaster starts blowing from behind, actually helping you get over the hill…

So Just Nuisance saved my train of 19 consecutive Argus Finishes by his good advice…

He was the mascot of the Allied Naval Forces based at or visiting Simon’s Town, the main South African Naval base, protecting the very important sea route around the Cape of Good Hope in the Second World War…

He was much loved by all except the German and Japanese Navies… and when he passed on in 1944 he was buried with a full military funeral

You can read more about him at this link on wikipedia…



3 thoughts on “Able Seaman Just Nuisance

  1. Ag ek het al baie by ou Just Nuisance gesit en dink oor my sondes en hartseer en ook happiness. Dis asof hy mens so half troos gee ๐Ÿ™‚

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