Thank you for loving me…

Yes, the Bon Jovi song is swirling around in my head…

Today 23 years ago my bride came down the aisle in the church, to be my wife, my best friend and my lover…

Today, we are spending the day at Bloubergstrand. When I finished my sermon on Good Friday, Mrs Rider informed me that life is too short to stay at home. Inside an hour we packed, and began the 1000 mile journey across South Africa.

We went to church in Bloubergstrand this morning, to attend another of my oldest friends (in friendship years, not age) who had conducted a wonderful Easter service. Afterwards we had a huge breakfast at Ons Huisie…

Now I had a nap at my friend’s house. Quickly posting this. Then we are going to the Blue Peter Hotel where we had our honeymoon long time ago. We want to see the sunset behind Robben Eiland.

We came down to Cape Town with just the youngest 2 kids. And we only have 4 days here, so it is not possible to visit all my Cape friends this time- so sorry!  Back home on Thursday with my BMW on a trailer…  This time my bride will get to see as much of Cape Town as we can possibly get to do…

Dreams do come true- thanks for all the good advise! Pictures will be posted later, I havent figured it out on the cellphone blogging yet…


One thought on “Thank you for loving me…

  1. ahhh, so bly julle het besluit om dit te doen !!

    bloubergstrand daar by die kruis is waar ons getrou het – en ons huisie is waar mr m my inform het dat hy wel met my gaan trou.

    baie geluk vir julle !!

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