Decisions decisions…

I am sitting on a razor blade this morning…   It is the Easter Weekend.  It is traditionally the one weekend when most South African road fatalities takes place. People drive like maniacs, lots of unroadworthy vehicles tries to sneak by the traffic cops. Lots of drinking and driving, lots of drunken pedestrian walking on highways…  It is really dangerous…  It is a good weekend to stay at home!

On the other side, there is still one week of school holidays left. I am thinking.  After my Good Friday sermon, I could hit the road with my Bakkie (pick-up truck), and drive down to Cape Town. I could tow a trailer, and put my BMW on it, and be back by next weekend. On the trailer the bike will not have to pay all the toll fees. My rear tire, which have about 1500 km left (just under 1000 miles) will then still be ready to do the Lowveld trip in April. My wife and I can spend Sunday in Cape Town on our anniversary, and go watch the sunset behind Robben Island, at the Blue Peter Hotel, where we had our honeymoon 23 years ago. We could visit our good friends in the CApe, and start driving back home on Thursday.  A beautiful scenario. Except for one thing… it will cost a lot- our fuel price in South Africa is at the highest level ever. There are a lot of tollgates along the way. And whatever we plan, there will be a lot of extra costs, like meals, ice cream,  maybe a movie…

The academic year is nearing it’s 4th month, and my bank has still not paid out my daughter’s study loan- everything so far has been out of my pocket…

On the one hand- there is another adventure waiting to be born. On the other hand… we still have to pay our bills…

When I was a little younger, there would not be any doubt at all about this one.   I need to start making up my mind…


Ps. I see the Daily Post has also decided to play the decisive game of decisions decisions

18 thoughts on “Decisions decisions…

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  6. I say make it happen! But instead of spending the money on fuel for the bakkie, fly there and hire a car. There are flights on Saturday for as little as R1100 one way for the both of you. Spend Sunday Monday and maybe Tuesday after which the lovely Mrs. Rider can fly back while you bring the bike back the conventional way.
    Heck, I’ll even drive you to/from the airport myself!

    • Cheapest on Cheap Flights South Africa- R2188 down, another R1000 for the car, another R1500 for the bike- petrol and toll, R800 (maybe) to get her back, and R400 for a guest house because I cant do 1650 km in one day… No that kite dont want to fly today… Nice idea though… the 2 youngest wants to go with…

      • Go for it! Onthou Boerneef se veel aangehaalde versreël: ‘Vir nou, en later se onthou’. En die geliefde BMW moet tog op een of ander manier by die huis kom ….

        • Ek kan die 8e April saam met verlede jaar se Mej Suid Afrika se oupa afry Kaap toe, en terugry met die BMW. Heelwat goedkoper, maar ek dink aan ek en my vrou op Bloubergstrand op ons huweliksherdenking. Maar nadat ek netnou so paar rekeningtjies betaal het, weet ek glad nie meer of dit ‘n opsie is nie… 😦

          • I do have a possible lift to Cape Town on the 8th of April, but have to be back by Friday, and if I do this option, I HAVE to ride, whatever the weather may bring that day… I also will have to stop in Pretoria and get a new rear tire fitted then…

          • huweliksherdenking op bloubergstrand – oh wow.

            ons het mos getrou daar op bloubergstrand by daai kruis, reg op die beach. so ons gaan elke jaar op ons huweliksherdenking soontoe … 😉

          • Hulle sê dis ouderdom wat mens besluiteloos maak 🙂 DOEN dit net! Doen sommer die 10 jaar toets ook: gaan die geld oor 10 jaar meer beteken as die herinneringe?

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