The Camino de Santiago…

While I am following Jordana on her journey on the Appalachian Trial,  I have this longing for that kind of journey again.

Two years ago I had a part of such a journey. I answered the Call of the Camino.

I am not by nature a very good hiker, I am a bit heavy on my feet…  But I just needed such an experience in that part of my life. And so I took up the challenge, and started the planning. I wish I had the time available to do the whole Camino Frances. I only had about 3 weeks available, so I took up the journey from Léon to Santiago- about 317 km of hiking.

The symbol of the Camino is the scallop shell, and my daughter designed this version for me, to put on my backpack and clothing…

Why do people need to do things like the Appalachian Trial and the CAmino? Because it teaches you so much about the journey of life. It takes you out of the rat race for a while, and the only thing that you have to do, is just to LIVE.

I am sometimes so worried about the finances needed to live and provide for my family. I have this overwhelming need to feel secure, to know exactly where I am going to sleep tonight, and that I will have something to eat. On the Camino I learned to just go with the flow, that there will be food and shelter every day, even if I can’t see it by lunchtime.

We need to be pilgrims, to feel alive, to make sense of our lives, to meet other people and share a part of the road with them.  We need to break bread with other people, share a bottle of water, treat each other’s blisters.

As I sit here in my study, preparing for the Sermon of Good Friday, I have this intense yearning to be on the road to Santiago again, to hear the words: “Buen Camino”  by the local people again, to eat the black cherries left along the road by friendly locals…

I feel the need to jump into the Atlantic Ocean again behind the harbour wall in Finisterre…

There is a stirring in my heart… the road is calling my name…

22 thoughts on “The Camino de Santiago…

  1. Your post expressed part of the reasons I’m going to the Camino – to learn to go with the flow and trust life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Buen Camino Rider! It sounds like an amazing journey. A colleague of mine did it last year (or the year before?) and was thrilled by it. BTW it was she who mentioned Gerrit’s name to me and set the wheel rolling for the two of us to meet. I believe that we need a road trip every now and then to connect to the world in which we live and the world the lives in us!

  3. Don’t u think it’s time that u listen to that inner child voice who is telling you of it’s desire? Plan your trip and see yourself walking and believe me all other “things” will be provided for. We serve a God whose resources have no limit and those resources are at our disposal. Don’t limit Him-trust Him. But u know all this because this is what u preach. So Rider start practicing what u preach and allow yourself the luxury of ‘just doing it!’

  4. Indeed, we do read to know we’re not alone, as you’ve shared from “dead poets.” I find surprising consolation knowing that I’m in great company; with some, in experience and burden, in others in the vision quest. I have been enjoying your “sharing.” Three weeks ago I had never heard of WordPress, but simply wanted to learn some way to share about my upcoming Camino. I’m a bit compulsive perhaps, but I woke this morning to find that I’ve started six blogs. Not sure where any of this leads, but I’m sure it’s another of life’s metaphors. Buen Camino!

    • You are so welcome here dogtorbill! Just below this comment is my other vet friend- Gidion, practicing in Britain… I hope you enjoy the journey, planning your Camino. And may the Lord really help heal your pain on this journey!

    • There is a slight problem till the end of next year Andrew, I have a daughter studying at a private (read: not government subsidised) university. At the moment it taked nearly all we earn to keep her there. So the answer at the moment would have to be: not yet… Rider

  5. The Camino has been on my mind a lot lately as well. On my morning (sleep)walks I even catch myself sometimes imagining that I’m actually on the Camino, or on my way up Kili, or some equally wild and beautifull place where a man can hear himself think for a change.

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