Reading when not Riding

I sometimes wish that I knew how to be a full time traveller…  I have to work for a living.  But I also love to be a family man, with a wife and 4 kids. It is just not possible to be away from civilization all the time.  I only get to have about 2 weeks per year of living my dream- riding away into the sunset, living the adventure, and then returning home to my loving wife’s arms…

The rest of the time?  In our job we really work long hours, despite all the jokes about pastors only working on Sundays.

How do I survive, being wild at heart, having to behave tame in a congregation? How can I be the Biker, but also the Pastor?

I remember this one scene from one of my favourite old movies- Dead Poet’s Society. This one young man is caught stealing books. When he is confronted with his crime, these famous words are spoken- “We read to know that we are not alone...”

In my house next to our church, you will find more than 2000 books. Some are impressive: old theological classics like the Institution of John Calvin.  (They are to be found underneath a thick layer of dust, as they are supposed to be…) But then you will also find a lot of travelling books. Like: Ewan MacGregor and Charlie Boorman‘s Long Way Round. Next to it- Long Way Down. Next to it- the book of a good friend, Lodie de Jager, who wrote “Noord van Naboom”-  North of Naboomspruit (a sleepy little town in the Bushveld of South Africa) about his journey from South Africa to Germany in 2010 on a Kawasaki KLR 650.  Next to that- Dan Walsh‘s “These are the days that must happen to you…” And so the list goes on an on.

In my office there are thick piles of travel magazines.

And between appointments in the week, I read the blogs of quite a few people, some I found on, people crossing the globe on two wheels. Others are new friends, like Nea, travelling througout the world without her own bike, but living her dream of freedom.

Although this is a new blog, I am an old blogger- I have written my previous blog for three years, but in Afrikaans.  I have met quite a few people with the wanderlust in their blood. And this gives me great joy- to read a blog about someone travelling someplace I have never been. Eating some cuisine I have possibly heard of, mostly not… Swimming underneath beautiful waterfalls, drinking some foreign sounding named beers.

I am sitting behind my computer in this little town of ours, wishing I was someplace else, seeing something new, eating something for the first time, swimming in new pools, meeting new friends…  Reading books/ travel guides and magazines/ blogs takes me there.  Thank you all for sharing your experiences with me!

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Ps- jut saw this on facebook under the page “Knowledge of Today”

11 thoughts on “Reading when not Riding

    • Dis so waar, gelukkig kan hulle dit nie van ons sê nie! Ai, ek mis die Donkie, die mense van Suid Afrika lees nie hierdie blog nie, wonder of my Engels so bad is…?

      • Maar jy kan jou settings steeds verander na Afrikaans toe, dan kom dit op in die af,wordpress. En skryf so elke tweede een in Afrikaans 🙂

  1. My apologies to English speakers. My comments in Afrikaans were about dictionary apps for android phones. I use It’s an essential tool for writing in a second language.

  2. Ek gebruik die app om my android foon, of enige online woordeboek terwyl ek blog. Ek sukkel deesdae weer om die Afrikaanse spellings te onthou.

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