When Plan A fails, always have a plan B…

You have heard about the sad state of affairs, me being more than 1600 km (1000 miles) away from my beloved BMW. While the repair news from the Cape sounds good, I have a very big ride coming up again soon. We are going on a Rally with the South African Bible Society from 13-20 April, from Kempton Park through to Louis Trichardt, and then to the wonderful biking routes of the Lowveld.

I really looked forward to this ride on my BMW. But I am not sure if I will be able to go down to Cape Town and collect it in time.

But fear not, dear readers… 🙂  (This sounds too much like one of those irritating Pauly Shore movies like Jury Duty…)

I did not have the heart to sell my old trusty Aprilia Pegaso yet. And it is still going strong- 13 years old, but only 40 000 km on the clock.  I went to the High School just now to see my children in practice for the school’s Rugby and Hockey week, starting tomorrow. And here she is in all her glory. Her name is “Huisbesoek” or in English it would be “Visitation” – or “House Calling” – that thing that Pastors have to go and visit their church members at home.  The thought is that my wife could honestly say that I went out on Visitation, and she wouldn’t be lying…

This trusty old friend has never let me down yet. There was that one unfortunate incident involving me sliding across the gravel with her, but that was the brandy’s fault, and the stupid driver on top, not hers…

I think she is good for any trip I can dream up…

4 thoughts on “When Plan A fails, always have a plan B…

    • Ja, ek wil so graag saam met my seuns eendag die lang pad vat. Die geld wat hierdie motorfiets nou werd is, is so min dat dit nie die moeite werd is om te verkoop nie- eerder hopelik nog baie jare se pret saam met die gesin hê op hom…

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