Living in South Africa- it’s still good!

As a nation, we have so much things that we moan and groan about.  We are having such a hard time understanding all the politics of this country. We see all the negative things like crime rates in every newspaper.  We moan about the cost of fuel and electricity. All our tax money going into luxury cars for politicians, our president’s new palace…

Sometimes we have reason to be angry/ sad/ disillusioned/ disgusted…

BUT- There is another side to the story, which we tend to forget. This is still also quite an amazing part of the world to live in!

I had the privilege of a young Brazilian lady coming to visit on my blog. She and her boyfriend has visited our country, and she experienced it as a life- changing journey. They made/  a video on Youtube about their experiences, and it is so good to see it from a tourist’s point of view.

Look at this post: “South Africa tattood everything” by Liana Mastrocola. It is so good to see a few experiences of our country through a young couple’s eyes, and enjoying their love of life with them on their visit here…

What is so good about living in South Africa, despite all the challenges we face?

  •  We have pretty special weather in most parts of the country! 
  •  We have such biodiversity- all the different kinds of animals in our national parks, like that beautiful lion in Liana’s video.
  •  We have some of the world’s finest bird watching
  •  Our coastline does have some of the finest scenery around.
  •  We have such a wonderful sports nation, with excellent teams and facilities.
  •  We are an outdoor nation, always on the lookout for adventure like bungee jumping and parasailing…
  • It is still so good to sit underneath a big bushveld tree next to a camp fire, and feel small underneath the wide open starry sky.
  • We have all this diverse landscapes- bushveld, forrests, desert, coastal, mountains, savannah, wetlands.
  •  Have you ever surfed at Jefferys Bay?
  •  Have you stood on the top of the Drakensberg Mountains, overlooking the whole of  Kwazulu Natal all the way to the sea?
  •  Have you skinny dipped in a mountain stream at the Cederberge?
  •  Did you hear a lion roar really close by, and the nervous giggle of a hyena afterwards?
  •  If you have visited Europe and came back, you would find that we do have some excellent barbeques with high quality meat, in huge (according to European standards) portions.
  • And despite a small minority of really irritating people (politicians and criminals), we do have such a wonderful diversity of cultures- I think all of our cultures do have a very hospitable nature. Met Eisjh ja…
  •  We do have some of the world’s finest wines.

And so we can go on and on and on- there is so much good living in South Africa. But we really miss it sometimes, because we can get so focused on the negative media.  I am so inspired I am sommer planning a huge braai tonight, boet…

3 thoughts on “Living in South Africa- it’s still good!

  1. Sometimes we need to be remembered of the great things around us! So if we all do this for others, eventually someone will do this for us as well. Can’t wait to go back to South Africa and check the whole list!

    You’re an wonderful nation, don’t ever forget that!

    Thank you so much!

    • Thanks for the inspiration Liana! And I would also very much love to visit Brazil one day (maybe the Olympics…) I think your country also have a lot to offer people who loves nature…

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