Being a Biker is a state of mind

“It’s not about the Bike” would be a more appropriate title for this one, but somehow, in the last 3 months, it has lost it’s meaning…

Being a biker is to love a motorcycle. Some guys are fortunate enough to own a BMW S 1000 RR. Others are old enough to drive around on a Harley. Any Harley is supposed to have some sex appeal (please give generously- for I am old…)  You get the biggest crowd in our country on a BMW R1200 GS (best selling bike in South Africa) but they just look down upon lesser beings not able to afford their toys.

But every now and again you find a true biker. Someone who drives SOMETHING with two wheels and an engine, and loving it for what it is. The passport to Freedom. They are not in the least worried by how sexy it looks. They do not try to impress anybody else, they just want to RIDE!

One such biker’s bike I saw outside the Landmark (Agri Co-op) in De Rust. I never knew John Deere went into bikes…

This is Jan’s Deere:

Respect, Jan!

3 thoughts on “Being a Biker is a state of mind

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  2. It is a state of mind and being that is shared by all bikers – whether they are young or old, rich or poor, riders or passengers. (My husband crashed his Harley last July and I have my doubts whether he will ever be able to ride again. It is highly unlikely that I would ever be physically able to ride on my own, so I guess I will just have to cherish the good times we had.)

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