The Journey is not always predictable…

Such a lot has happened since I last had the chance to blog.

My bike had such a wonderful ride down to Cape Town. but since it got here,it kept on breaking down. Suddenly I was stuck in on of the most beautiful clties in the world without transport.

My plan was to finish the cycle race, rest my bottom on Monday, and start the journey home on Tuesday, arriving at home tired but happy tonight.
The other major problem- while I was stranded next to the highway, a vagrant came and stole my cellphone, running away much faster than I am able to…

So- my ride is broken, and I had no coms with the world for quite some tiime.
BUT- all is not bad!
* The main purpose of the ride was to compete in the Argus Cycle race. with the help of my friends I got to and from the race. I successfully completed my 19th consecutive Argus, keeping the dream alive to do 21  in a row.

* I experienced the most awesome support from family and friends. I have met some wonderful people on this journey. It was great meeting Mukhtar and Julia. I had an awesome night with Basil and Anne-Marie at their home in the middle of the vineyard. Thanks Leon and Karen for last  night’s Braai (bbq)!

* I am flying home tomorrow to be picked up by my wife- on her birthday!

The future will show what will happen to this BMW. it is in good hands…

The horse is sick, but the journey continues… so let’s ride…

11 thoughts on “The Journey is not always predictable…

  1. Baie geluk met die Argus. Jammer die Kaap het jou so onvriendelik behandel.(Jy moet volgende keer maar Overberg toe kom.) Maar onthou, dis die dinge wat die lewe interessant maak ne!~

    • Eintlik het die Kaap en die oorgrote meerderheid mense my baie, baie goed behandel! Daar was net daardie een dief, en die BMW wat so bietjie vreugse gesteel het, maar steeds ‘n wonderlike reis gehad!!

  2. was vrek lekker om jou in lewende lywe te ontmoet ..!!

    en ag jong – al is dit sleg, alles gebeur mos maar vir ‘n rede … 😉

  3. Well done! You have kept your dream alive and that when the odds were not always in your favour. As for the bike and cellphone – they are things that can be repaired or replaced. Have a safe journey home and savour every positive moment of this ride!

  4. I am really sorry you had so much bad luck, but I am happy you got help and will be home safely.Take a good rest. God is in control , you will be surprised.

  5. Congrats on the completion of the Argus. I salute you for keeping a dream alive.

    Let’s ride – against all odds and against all tides – Let’s Ride

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