Cape Town is HUGE fun on a bike!

Yesterday I awoke to my first full day of fun in Cape Town. It started with a trip to the hospital, where I visited a friend who fell of her bicycle. She broke her elbow.

Then I went to Houtbaai for lunch. I must say the Cape Townians do have a very peculiar way of driving, not biker friendly at all. They tend to drive very slowly, and close all Bike-size gaps very quickly.

It was good going over Kloofroad to Kampsbaai. That is the habitat for some of the richest people in the world, and some supermodels hang out in the coFfee shops and bars overlooking the sea. I also saw some cars parked there that I only saw on Top Gear so far. Like a brand new yellow Lamborghini, driving slowly past the supermodels…

The road to Houtbaai is a part of the Argus Cycletour route in reverse. I felt the cold hand of fear reaching out to grab me as I drove down Suikerbossie drive… That is one hell of a climb on a bicycle if you are unfit and overweight like some people I know…

One of my old traditions is having Snoek and Chips at Mariner’s Wharf- a tourist trap on the working fishing harbour at Houtbaai.

Afterwards it was the same route back- oh what fun it is to ride Suikerbossie on a bike with a Boxer engine… I went all the way to Pinelands, to have a coffee with a friend at Old Mutual’s head office. A Company with it’s own mall, gym, and train station! Impressive!

Last night I had an excellent evening- sushi and Sauvignon Blanc at Eastern Fusion in Melkbosstrand, overlooking the sea. We had some of the deepest and most satisfying discussions I had in a long, long time…

Afterwards we enjoyed some KWV 10 year old brandy- one of the world’s best- neat but on the rocks…

With all that I slept like a baby- must be the fresh sea breeze…
A very good day- worthy of a long Bike trip!

11 thoughts on “Cape Town is HUGE fun on a bike!

  1. bly jy geniet alles ..!! en ja – stem saam oor die mense op die pad in kaapstad … hare op jou tande, dis wat jy moet he. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Sounds awesome!!!!
    One of my friends is riding as well, and she says the ques for the registration are horrible and disorganised… Hope you’re having a good day!

  4. Ag nee jy het my nou hier in trane van verlange na ons mooiste Kaap – my hart se punt, my heimat! Dit is net so n special plek en mooi kan dit nie begin beskryf nie. Geniet elke oomblik, elke eikeblaar, elke suideooster, elke asem seelug, elke heerlike soet vrug uit die Kaapse boorde en elke voggie uit die Kaapse kelders.

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