Lost in the Desert on a horse with no name….

This was one of those days in my life I often dream about. I spent the whole day on my BMW’s back.

We started this morning at 07h00 at a little town in the Northern Free State, just outside Gauteng. Early morning was wonderful- the sun rising above fields of sunflower, beaming golden smiles at old Helios after whom they were named. The smell of fields of corn (mielies!) were fresh in the early morning breeze.

But soon the fields of corn were displaced by old mine heaps of the Free State Goldfields. Not so pretty to see…

I stopped briefly in Bloemfontein, the capital city of the Free State province of South Africa. I needed a new pair of sunglasses, my 3 sons still need to confess what happened to the old ones. I also stopped for my favourite hamburger in South Africa, at Stadium Take Aways. Their burger with bbq sauce- excellent! Is it my imagination, or did these burgers shrink in size the last 20 years?

After Bloemfontein, going south on the N1 highway, it gets tougher. The landscape is slowly turning from agricultural to semi-desert. It was hot today!

On the motorbike my mind started drifting. I found that my bike has no aircon built in. There was no windows to open. There is no CD player. The only sound was the faithful old Boxer engine purring along nicely. Ah- German engineering at its best!

When I crossed the Orange river into the Northern Cape province, I was quite severely tossed about by crosswinds… But all in a day’s work… Or rather, it was much better than being at the office, heat, wind, sunstroke and all…

I wanted to go to Oudtshoorn tonight, the Ostrich capital of South Africa. But between 3 Sisters and Beaufort West I was trapped in 3 Road wORK delays. Jjj

My BlACKberRY is. DYinG!!

Let’s try again after 20 more restarts…

The road work delays were extremely bAd- I drank about 3 liters of water this afternoon. When I arrived at BW I saw I would not make Meiringspoort in the daylight. As it is a special place of intense beauty, I decided to leave it for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will also be spent in biker’s heaven- Route 62.

But tonight I am alone in the Formula 1 hotel. This is the downside of a bike trip- it is bad leaving my wife at home. I am extremely blessed with my wife, who sees when I need some time to think things through in my life!

Just a last piece of advice- never trust the Spur in BW. They advertised a full plate of Spare Ribs for R79, I only got 4 thick pieces of bone, presented in 2 portions with a tiny amount of meat between each two bones. Definitely not cool!

2 thoughts on “Lost in the Desert on a horse with no name….

  1. Jy moet elke oomblik geniet. Ek is baie lief vir die Karoo, of dit groen is of droog, daar is n magiese iets wat my tot in my siel aangryp. Veilig ry en se hello vir die Kaap vir my.

  2. Dink ek nou aan daardie liedjie “i’ve been driving all night my hands wet on the wheel” = )

    Nog net paar maande dan gaan ek ook so ry met die wind as geselskap – watch my

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