It’s raining again…

No big deal for my sister in England, and my sister in law in Ireland. They have rain every day, so much rain that they wish for a sunny day.

Here in our little piece of Northern South Africa, it is quite drought stricken most of the time. The weather is sunny more than 300 days of the year. It is not unknown for several months to go by without rain. Just yesterday I lamented the fact that the sun is killing my lawn. No amount of municipal water could revive it anymore.

But today is a good day in my life.

My son played his first game, from the bench, for the Highschool’s first team in rugby.  The rest of the world, except maybe New Zealand and Australia, would not understand how huge honor it is for a dad to see his son’s first First team game. He came on in the second half, and scored a try from a stormdown. What a moment in my life- to see my son do something much better than I ever could!  I am so extremely thankful for this special morning in our lives!

And then, after the game, it started raining!

This is the view from my office window: The rain is streaming down the street!

There is the small matter of a motorcycle trip in the near future. But we never say no to rain around here! What a morning!

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