Writing and deleting, writing and deleting…

I have written this entry quite a few times now. And deleted it every time so far.


I am sitting in my study, waiting for my doctor’s appointment in 45 minutes time.

I am listening to some Adiemus, and restoring my music collection on my laptop while I am waiting.

I am a little bit scared.

I am.

Art by http://www.kendubrowski.com/Newsite/html/Southstreetexhibit.html

4 thoughts on “Writing and deleting, writing and deleting…

  1. Ewald, who is Lord?Send fear and anxiety away in Jesus name.Then go on that motorbiketour. Suits the Lord nicely, then you are out of the way. Whose church is it?.Let go, let HIM be in charge.
    I will keep praying for you.

  2. You are going to be ok!! You are going to ride the Argus and you are going to complete it and you are going to enjoy it. You are going to drive to C T on your 2 wheeler and you are going to clear your head of all the yuggy things that have become entangled there. You are going to visit with wonderful friends and come back with a renewed spirit. This is my prayer for u.

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