Holding on to the prospect of a new Ride!

One of the highlights in my year is competing in the Pick ‘n Pay Argus Cycle tour, one of the most scenic races, going around Table Mountain in Cape Town.

It is held on the second Sunday of March every year, that is next weekend! This is what we are looking at:  109 km around Table Mountain… Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2013 Route Map

There is one slight challenge. I live 1650 km away from Cape Town.

But the solution: Make the whole journey an exciting event!

I am going to Cape Town on my “new” bike. It is an old 2000 model BMW R850 R (Roadster)

A lot of good things has happened the last week in regards to this trip. One of the challenges of going there on a motorbike, is to get my bicycle there. Last week I had an extremely hard 40 km training session, at 12 noon, when the temperature was at about 37 degrees Celcius. Just as I entered our town, I got a flat tyre.  I was just too wasted to change the tyre myself, so I walked to a friend’s cycle shop nearby. I nearly collapsed into his door. He asked me if I have found a lift for my bicycle to Cape Town, and I replied that I didn’t, and might have to go there by car. There was a fit looking young lady in the shop. As I was really tired, I suppose I did not look the same  way as behind the pulpit on a Sunday!  She took a double glance at me, and then recognised me. She and her husband came to attend our church just the last month, moving in from one of the cities. And they are also going to Cape Town, and they can help me with my bicycle. So in the process of a flat tyre I met  a wonderful person, and got one of my problems solved…

The next problem was with the luggage on my BMW. I have lost a set of soft panniers in December, when it caught fire after touching the exhaust of the bike.  Another person in my congregation has a huge engineering shop. When I explained that I want to start on a system of hard panniers, he built me the pannier racks- something I just can not afford if you talk BMW, Hepco & Becker, Trax or Touratech.  And he did a marvelous job on the pannier racks. I do not have pannier cases yet, but I can use some hard duty camping bags that I now can tie to the rack, and it is safe from the exhaust.

So Monday morning, God willing, I will start my journey to Cape Town. I do have a lot of friends in the Cape, and I can’t wait to see them again! This is exciting stuff!

But in this excitement I still need to survive tonight’s Church Board Meeting…

8 thoughts on “Holding on to the prospect of a new Ride!

  1. Ag dankie tog! So glad that I was told about the new stable. En dat dit lyk of ek maar in my ‘native tongue’ kan ‘reply’ (Ek kry elke dag net soveel Engelse woorde en as dit op is is dit op. Gelukkig besit ek ‘n woordeboek :D)
    Hiermee net die beste wense vir ‘n skoon veilige stal, met ware omgee meelopers en geen sluipers nie. And all the best for the Argus: no wind, no flats, no falls. Geniet die mooie Kaap.

  2. I wish you a great time, it is also time out. That boardmeeting, I shall pray for it.Do not worry, the words shall be given to you. The Bible says so..
    🙂 my husband thought you went on bicycle , I said No he means motorbike. In Dutch we say you ride a motorfets or motor, a fiets(selfpedaling) is a bicycle. Languages!!

    • Hi Marjolijn- I am going there by Motorbike, and then around the Mountain on Bicycle- some of my friends are busy at the moment on bicycles riding the 1600 km to Cape Town. But they are quite mad…

  3. Also heading that way on Monday. If we don’t bump into each other, drive safe and enjoy the Argus. My backside just did a pretty decent impersonation of a dried prune just thinking about a 100 odd k’s on a hard and narrow bicycle seat. Ouch!

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